Some Useful Sites


*** = favorites

Financial Planning

***American Savings Education Council
***Financial Players Center
**Greenzine - Personal Finance Site for Young People
**National Financial Services Network

Books and Magazines

**Electronic Newstand
**Fortune Magazine
**Kiplinger's Magazine
**Newsletter Access
**Nolo Press Home Page
**USA Today


**American Association of Individual Investors
**Company Information Web Sites
***EE Bond Calculator
***EduStock (Course on Investing)
***Finance Research Resources (Ohio State University)
*International Stock Quotes
***InvestorGuide Research
**Money Manager Review
**National Association of Investor Clubs
**PR NewsWire
**Reuters Money Network
**Securities And Exchange Commission
***StreetEye Investment Links
**Wall Street City
**Wall Street Research Network
***Yahoo Quotes


**Internal Revenue Service
***Roth IRAs - Everything You Wanted to Know
**State and Federal Tax Forms
**Tax and Accounting Web Sites


**Auto Safety Bulletins
***Automobile Recall Notices
***Bigbook - Online Yellow Pages
**Center for Debt Management
*College Financial Aid Information
**Equifax Credit Reports
**FTC Consumer Brochures
***Financial Players Center
**Kelley Blue Books
**National Financial Services Network
**Social Security Administration
*U.S. Postal Service Consumer Information
*US Postage Zip and ZIP+4 Codes
*Used Car Buying FAQ
**Victims of Credit Reporting

Government Agencies and Resources

**Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, CO
**Federal Trade Commission
***Government Agencies Web Site
**Social Security Administration
**Thomas: Searchable Index of House and Senate Bills
**Veterans Administration (VA) Home Loan Program

Banks and Credit Unions

***Bank Deposit Information - From Office of Comptroller of the Currency
**Bank One
**Bank Rate Monitor
***Credit Union National Association
**Security First National Bank (24 hour, 7 day Internet Bank)

Mathematics Education

**Adult Numeracy Page
**The Math Forum - Adult Numeracy: Resources for Teachers

Workplace Literacy and Education

The following lists feature electronic discussions on workplace literacy and education: