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Software on CD-ROM:

Ages: 5 - 10

Software Features:

TATTLE TILES: Solve more than 120 pattern puzzles.

MAGIC MIRRORS: Complete mirror images or transformations using the correct shape and color tiles.

MASTERPIECES: Create an original masterpiece.

MOSAIC 1, 2, 3: Practice counting a variety of colorful objects with Magic Bear.


Award Winning Creativity Tool and Math Teacher in One.

Major learning outcomes are correlated to NCTM Standards.

Educational Benefits:

Conveys critical math concepts such as pattern recognition, symmetry, rotation, directionality, sequence, order, regularity, repetition, equivalence, similarity, conservation, one-to-one correspondence, coordinates, transformations, fractions and area.

Strengthens thinking skills.

Challenges problem-solving abilities.

Builds visualization skills and spatial abilities.

Introduces numbers.

Inspires creativity.



Ages: 5 - 10

Software Features:

24 Monarch video clips

8 interactive screens

Monarch science reference resource

Glossary Teacher's guide

Student Science Journal


Discovery-based Life Science Explorations.

Major learning outcomes are correlated to National Science Education Standards.

Educational Benefits:

Explore the natural history of the monarch butterfly.

Inquire about the monarch's basic needs, structures, life cycle, inherited characteristics and interactions with its environment.

Use virtual tools to conduct simple investigations.

Use a science journal to record and explain findings.



Ages: 12 - 16

Software Features:

20 Monarch video clips*

20 interactive screens

70 interactive live-action video of scientists

Teacher's guide

Student science journal

* (including film and video footage from the Mexican Monarch overwintering site El Rosario.)

Inquiry-based Life Science Explorations.

Major Learning Outcomes are correlated to National Science Education Standards.

Educational Benefits:

Recognize questions that can be answered through scientific investigations.

Design and conduct a scientific investigation.

Use appropriate tools and techniques to gather, analyze, and interpret data.

Develop descriptions, explanations, predictions, and models using evidence.

Think critically and logically to connect evidence and explanations.

Recognize and analyze alternative explanations and predictions.

Communicate scientific procedures and explanations.

Use mathematics in all aspects of scientific inquiry.



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Ages: 15 to Adult

Simulated Work Experience in an Interactive 3D Environment.

Workplace tasks are aligned with SCANS competencies and skills.

Educational Benefits:

Experience a typical "day at the office."

Perform tasks and handle work-related issues and unexpected events while pursuing career advancement.

Realistic performance review gives relevant feedback and prescriptive advice.

Practice a specific job skill until mastery is achieved.

Assess individual skills.

Software Features:

A unique reality-based experience in which you role-play a busy associate producer at a Hollywood studio.

80 live-action videos and over 70 voiceovers.

A cast of 25 professional actors.

40 realistic and fun workplace-related situations and tasks to master.

Work with realistic office tools such as email, phone message systems, and media equipment.


Science Snoops - The Monarch Case

Science Snoops - The Space Case

In Science Snoops, students engage in inquiries of life science phenomena. This software provides students with an opportunity to practice science investigation skills and competencies within a simulated workplace environment. They play the role of new researchers as they are guided through learning tasks, and they work to solve each life science mystery case as part of a team of real and virtual scientists. Each virtual co-worker is portrayed by an actor who interacts with the student to give information, assign work, and give feedback on studentsí performance. Students complete 20-30 tasks of varying kinds and difficulty levels to solve a case.




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