Ilse Ortabasi, Ph.D.
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"Vordiplom" in Biology, University of Hamburg, Germany

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, US
Major: Zoology (Developmental Biology) Minor: Biochemistry
Dissertation: "Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Nucleic Acid Metabolism in Acetabularia, studied by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.”


Employment and Experience


Owner of Kinder Magic Software, an educational software developer and publisher. Proposal writer in response to requests from federal agencies.
Instructional and interactive designer for educational and entertainment multimedia software. Researcher and evaluator of software and print-based instructional materials with reporting duties to the funding agencies.

On-going federally funded projects:

SBIR Phase I, NIH/NCRR [2008]:
The SSI Files- Virtual Life Science Investigations for Middle School Students. (Co-Principal Investigator)

SBIR Phase I, NIH/NCRR [2007]:
Urban Habitats-Inquiry-based life science explorations for K-5 students. (Co-Principal Investigator)

Completed federally funded projects:

SBIR Phase I and 2, NIH/NIDA [2007]:
Science Snoops-Life Science Investigations for Middle-School Students. (Principal Investigator)

SBIR Phase I and 2 grant, NIH/NCRR [2006]:
Backyard Bugs-Discovery-based Science Explorations. (Principal Investigator)

SBIR Phase I and 2, US Department of Education:
At Work! CD ROM - Office Work Environment Simulation to Assist Youth in Making the Transition from School to Work. (Principal Investigator)

SBIR Phase I, US Department of Education:
By the Numbers Web-based Simulation - Consumer Mathematics within a Functional Context for Adult Learners. (Principal Investigator)

Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Carlsbad, California:

  • PassKey: Multimedia CD-ROM based Advanced Algebra lessons.
  • Multimedia CD-ROM based biology, earth science, life science, and general science explorations (Grades: 6 -12)
  • Exploration: Mosquito Island; Multimedia CD-ROM based Life Science Explorations for grade 6 and up.

Legacy Software Inc., Los Angeles, California:
Career simulation multimedia software: Emergency Room Code Blue.

The Lightspan Partnership, San Diego, California:
Educational multimedia software products (Content: mathematics curriculum, grades 3 and 4.)

SBIR Phase I, NIH:
Risky and the Safety Gang—A game-formatted educational software to teach children pedestrian safety. (Principal Investigator)

Tandy, Houston, Texas:
Design and development of Mosaic Magic for Tandy’s VIS platform; Mosaic Magic is a children’s software program that teaches geometry and art.

SEGA Pico:
Math Readiness and Reading Readiness Early Childhood software programs.

The Learning Company:
Assisted in the design of MetroGnomes, a software program that teaches music concepts to young children.

1989-1992 Staff Scientist at SPARTA, Inc., San Diego, California, with responsibilities to develop special processes and materials related to the evolution of biosensor technology.
1987-1989 Co-owner of SCI-TECH International, Pleasanton, California, a consultancy firm in science and technology matters. Responsibilities included developing educational software and conducting workshops for teachers in the areas of science and technology.
1981-1987 LEGO Educational Consultant, LEGO Australia, LEGO Systems Inc. USA. Responsibilities included: Displaying, promoting and demonstrating the DACTA Educational System both at school level and at large conferences; holding seminars and workshops for teachers on applications of the robotics (DACTA Technic Control) range for science and technology teaching; demonstration lessons with students in the classroom; Co-operation with lecturers at colleges of teacher training; developing curriculum materials for the DACTA Educational System.
1978-1980 Scientist at the Center for Energy and Environment Research, (CEER), San Juan, Puerto Rico. Project Leader for "Preliminary Biomonitoring studies for freshwater pollution using Marisa cornuarietis as the indicator organism." and "Establishment of a Transmission Electron Microscope Service Laboratory at CEER."
1975-1977 Assistant Professor Corning Community College, Corning, New York. Courses taught: General Biology-Freshman level course for those people interested in pursuing science as a career; Life Science - A survey course in biology.
Membership in Professional Associations National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Science Teachers Association, The Math/Science Network, The Monarch Program

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