Masterpieces Sample Game Screen

(this page is not interactive, it describes only how the game works)

Create your own mosaic work of art from the many colors, shapes and sounds available!

To pick a shape, move the cursor to the shape you want and click.
To pick a color, move the cursor to the color you want and click to change one of the two colors of each shape, the "foreground" color.

You can change the colors individually with the "Inversion" icon. To invert foreground/background colors, click here. The inversion allows you to control the color in the foreground or background. (It may be necessary to invert more than once to get the colors positioned the way you want.)

To turn a shape, click here. Each click rotates the shape clockwise 90 degrees. Keep an eye on the easel to see the result.

Copyright © 1997 Kinder Magic Software
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