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The Interactive Workplace Simulation

Kinder Magic Software developed an innovative simulation On the Job - Behind the Scenes at Blue Cube Studios with which students and others can experience a virtual "day at work" with all its unpredictable twists and turns. Users perform work tasks and handle work-related issues and unexpected events while pursuing career advancement. A performance review gives users relevant feedback and prescriptive advice. Users may practice a specific job skill repeatedly until mastery is achieved. Workplace tasks and events are designed according to the SCANS competencies and skills required at each level.

The aim of this project is not to teach specific skills such as word processing. It is designed to give users the experience of coping during a typical workday, the ability to assess whether they have necessary skills, and the opportunity to practice and improve in a safe, forgiving environment.

This immersive simulation gives users the kind of valuable practical experience that ordinarily must be learned "on the job," from the comfort and safety of the home or classroom.

Acknowledgment: This material is based upon work supported by the U.S. Department of Education under Order No.: ED-99-CO-0120. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Department of Education. This project is a SBIR Phase II project.

The Game

Behind the Scenes combines the best of glamorous Hollywood with compelling game play in an interactive CD-ROM experience.

All the decisions you make as an employee significantly affect the success of Blue Cube Studios.

Experience the tension and triumphs of a typical workday as you cope with time-sensitive tasks while concurrently handling interruptions and distractions. Congenial co-workers and stressed supervisors will compete for your time and attention - through vivid live-action video, email, and phone messages.

The game play intensifies when it’s time for your job performance evaluation. If all goes well and you’re not fired for poor job performance, you may be promoted to producer!

The Story

You’ve just applied for an associate producer position at a busy Hollywood studio. The executive producer interviews you for the job, and you’re hired!

Once you’re shown to your office, you discover that everyone is really busy, so most of the time you’ll have to figure things out for yourself. The pressure’s on! In order to succeed at Blue Cube Studios you must keep your wits about you as you put your social, time management, teamwork, communications and problem-solving skills to good use. Tension mounts when it’s time for your job performance review. Will you receive kudos or a pink slip? Your goal is to be promoted to producer. Good luck!


A unique real life role-playing game in which you are a busy associate producer at a Hollywood studio.

80 live-action videos and over 70 voiceovers.

A cast of 25 professional actors.

40 realistic and fun workplace-related situations and tasks to triumph over.

Realistic job performance reviews with consequences for poor and excellent performances.

Work with realistic office tools such as email, phone message systems, and media equipment.  


Dual platform CD-ROM

Windows CD-ROM: Microsoft Windows 98 or above, Intel Pentium II processor-based computer, CD-ROM Drive, 128 MB RAM, Mouse, Sound Card, QuickTime Player 5.0 (provided), Adobe Acrobat Reader (provided)

Macintosh CD-ROM: Power Macintosh Power PC processor (G3 or higher recommended), OS 8.5 or above, CD-ROM Drive, 128 MB RAM, Mouse, Sound Card, QuickTime Player 5.0 (provided) Adobe Acrobat Reader (provided)


A few of your co-workers at Blue Cube Studios:

Adrian Lee

Executive producer

Adrian Lee is the former head of staff at Legacy Memorial. He left to pursue his dream of making movies. In his spare time, he creates petit fours and other fine pastries.

Kalima Pahinui

Associate producer

Kalima is your laid-back peer. He will show you the ropes and may turn to you for your expertise.

Zee (Gina Zamboni)


Zee is your boss. She’ll keep you on your toes. She is quick-tempered but equally quick with her praise. Don’t get on her bad side!

Lisa Wiernik


Lisa is the personable front desk person at Blue Cube Studios. When she’s not at work, you may spot her around town at the most popular clubs.

Roy Berenz


He’s the other producer at Blue Cube Studios. Roy is excitable, and may vent his frustration without warning.

Nathan Hall


Unflappable Nathan, the other front desk person, greets you as you enter Blue Cube Studios. He’s an irrepressible comedian at heart.

Screen shots:

Associate producer's office.

“The company’s growing really fast; that’s why we had to stick you here in the hallway.”


The lobby holds memorabilia from Blue Cube Studio's latest production.

Audition woes.



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