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Services provided:

Curriculum design

Subject matter expertise in math and science

Instructional design

Graphic design

Interactive design

Development and production of educational multimedia software and web sites

Project management in design, media production, and product testing

Product evaluation

Customers and Respective Completed Projects since 1995

Ongoing 2006: 1 R43DA13557-1 SBIR Phase I and 2, NIH: Science Snoops-Life Science Investigations for Middle- and Highschool Students.

Completed: 1 R43EY 014283-01-1 SBIR Phase I, NEI: Touch Tiles: Math Software for Children with Low Vision.

The major goal of this project was to conduct a feasibility study testing whether students with low vision are able to use the TouchSense enabled software test module developed for the study.

Completed: 1 R43 RR14407-01 SBIR Phase I and 2, NIH: Backyard Bugs-Discovery-based Science Explorations.

Completed: EDOVAE-99-000037 SBIR Phase I and 2, Department of Education: Behind the Scenes Office Work Environment Simulation to Assist Youth in Making the Transition from School to Work.


PassKey: Multimedia CD-ROM based Advanced Algebra lessons.

Multimedia CD-ROM based biology, earth science, life science, and general science explorations (Grades: 6 -12)

Exploration: Mosquito Island; Multimedia CD-ROM based Life Science Explorations for grade 6 and up.

Legacy Software Inc.:

Career simulation multimedia software: 'Emergency Room Code Blue'.

The Lightspan Partnership:

Instructional and multimedia design of educational multimedia software products grades K-6 mathematics and language arts.

Correlations of mathematics objectives in the Lightspan products to State standards.

ITG Tech:

Web-based training modules for job seekers.


Mathematics Yes! Multimedia CD-ROM/Web based teacher training modules (middle school level)

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