Mosaic Magic

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Designed for the 4 to 11 year old age group, MOSAIC MAGIC features four challenging game choices: Tattle Tiles, Magic Mirrors, Masterpieces, and Mosaic 1, 2, 3. With over 120 pictures, puzzles, and patterns, each game presents a variety of challenges and solving them is fun.

MOSAIC MAGIC addresses mathematics content areas such as visual perception, pattern recognition, and spatial abilities. Children apply their thinking skills towards discovering critical mathematics concepts such as: symmetry, rotation, directionality, sequence, order, regularity, repetition, equivalence, similarity, conservation, one-to-one correspondence, coordinates, transformations, fractions, and area.

Click here to download a demo version of Mosaic Magic for the Macintosh.

Click here to download a demo version of Mosaic Magic for Windows.

Click here to see a sample of the 25 lesson plans available.



TATTLE TILES: Think mathematically while having fun solving more than 120 pattern puzzles at three levels of difficulty. Sound and animation rewards keep the fun coming!



MAGIC MIRRORS: Challenge your thinking skills while completing a mirror image using the correct shape and color tiles, not an easy task! For the grand finale, add your own special effects!



MASTERPIECES: Create an original masterpiece, the color, design, shape and sound combinations are endless. Print out or save to disk. Experiment with all the options, there are no wrong answers!



MOSAIC 1, 2, 3: Practice counting a variety of colorful objects with Magic Bear. An activity guaranteed to delight the youngest players. Mosaic 1,2,3 has number tiles and two levels of difficulty.


Kids, click Magic Bear to go to the activities.

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